DapTar Bases






Conetrol 'DapTar' mount, shown in Custum grade on customized Sako rifle, utilizes the integral dovetail of receiver without drilling or tapping. Exclusive concealment of means of base anchorage preserves Conetrol's famed projectionless streamlining.


Conetrol's inventory of DapTar bases -- those bases which fit the special integral mounting mechanisms of various gun manufacturers without drilling or tapping -- is the most extensive in the world. Makers of guns for which the DapTar bases are now available include BRNO (both the large and small dovetails), BSA, CZ (both large and small dovetails), Dubiel, Heckler & Koch, Haenel, Herter, Ithacagun, Kimber, Krico, LSA, Parker-Hale, Ruger, Sako, Steyr, Tikka, etc. DapTar bases are also available for Weaver and Picatinny rails and grooved-receiver rimfires and air rifles of all makes. (See first two entries in Stock Numbers webpage)

In the few instances where the manufacturer has drilled and tapped a gun's receiver for conventional screw-attached top mounts as well as provided an integral mounting mechanism, the shooter has the option of using either DapTar bases or Conetrol's conventional screw-attached bases. Although the DapTar bases may be considered more attractive in many cases, the screw-attached bases are probably more fool-proof in that manufacturing tolerances are easier to maintain on both gun and mount.

Most factory-fashioned integral mounting does not encompass adjustment, lack of which can often be a real hindrance in getting a scope mounted properly. The Conetrol DapTar bases, of course, do provide windage adjustment, and shooters will find the feature a godsend when a barrel and an action are not in precise alignment.

DapTar bases are available in all three Conetrol styles -- Huntur, Gunnur and Custum. Those made for nontapered dovetails may be reversed at the shooter's discretion for short-tube scopes, as well as for optimum eye relief, aesthetic considerations, wider-ring-spacing rigidity, etc. For tapered dovetails the DapTar bases are available in short-ring-spacing configuration if needed




Above is the SRS (Short-Ring-Spacing) version of DapTar base, with low rings, for the tapered dovetail of Sako rifles. Both base and rings are Custum grade. On long Sako actions SRS bases are needed to install short-tubed scopes like the 2-7 Leupold shown. Note that the front ring is located at the rear of the front base segment to get the rings close enough together for short scopes.







Conetrol 'DapTar' mount base shown in Custum grade is on a CZ-USA Model 527 rifle in caliber 19 Badger. The scope is a Leupold 12x with Stoney Point Target Knob. Cooling vents are visible in the fore-end of the H-S Precision Kevlar stock. The rings are Conetrol's Huntur line, which have a fine satin finish to minimize glare.



This design of Conetrol's DapTar bases attaches without drilling or tapping to all gun receivers with parallel dovetails. Whereas the tapered dovetails of Sako rifles require driving bases forward on the dovetail with a block of wood and a hammer, parallel dovetails such as found on this CZ gun, and BSA, Herter, Krico, BRNO, Kimber, LSA, Tikka, etc., are secured by husky industrial-grade cross-clamp screws that lock the bases solidly to the dovetail.

All Conetrol rings can then be attached, which enable windage adjustment in both rings to keep the scope centered over the gun. There is also maximum strength in both rings, unlike other mounts which devote the front ring to strength (the wrong one for the job, incidentally) and the rear ring to adjustment.

Each segment can be attached with the ring either forward or rearward, to accommodate short-tubed scopes on long actions or improve eye-relief, etc.    As usual with Conetrol, maximal strength in both rings and no projections on either rings or base.




DapTar bases for Picatinny rails and guns equipped to use Weaver rings . . .

Conetrol has added to its inventory two-piece steel bases (WVRDT-2) which slide onto Picatinny rails and the various Weaver-type top mounts usually made from aluminum extrusions. (These DapTar bases are the first entry in the Conetrol stock-number pamphlet.)   No drilling or tapping is required. Conetrol's sleek projectionless rings can then be utilized.

Guns on which these bases can be used include the cantilever-mount shotguns, as well as the myriad of other guns coming onto the market with Weaver-type bases built in. Some-such include AMT, Browning Buck Mark pistols, Colt AR-15s, Kongsberg, Mitchell Arms pistols, Lakelander 389, Smith & Wesson pistols, etc.

Socket-head cross-clamp screws in the DapTar bases perform a dual function: they clamp each segment rigidly on the Picatinny or Weaver base and at the same time engage the Weaver-type transverse grooves to preclude any possibility of slippage, forward or backward, under the heaviest recoil.

The paramount advantage afforded by these Conetrol DapTar bases is they bring windage adjustment -- and the vigor of rings and bases comprised of solid steel! -- to Picatinny rails and Weaver-style mounting. And the exclusive Conetrol tandem ring adjustment allows the scope not only to be adjusted but to remain centered over the gun after adjustment has been made.

One sleeper byproduct of these Conetrol bases is that for some guns they are the only means available of attaining the extra height needed to clear a gun barrel when using the scopes being made nowadays with such enormous objectives -- some larger than 2 1/2 inches! You can first buy a Weaver-type base for your gun, then attach it and in turn install the Conetrol WVRDT-2 DapTar base. (When attached, a WVRDT-2 base is 1/4" higher than the Weaver base it is affixed to. Adding the height of the rings chosen will get the scope way on up there.)

Another is they make it possible for Conetrol to provide mounting for just about any gun that exists, even the most exotic military weapons. How? . . . Other manufacturers such as B-Square Co. (of Ft. Worth TX), Adco, Aimtech, Aristocrat, B.A.T., Briley, Clark Custom Guns, E.A.A., EGW, Millet, MWG, Pardini, Power, SKS, SSK Industries, Tasco, Taurus, Thompson/Center, Weigand, etc., make bases for most such guns which allow use of Weaver rings. The Conetrol WVRDT-2 DapTar bases can be attached to all such bases and will accept 1", 26mm, 26.5mm and 30mm Conetrol rings, permitting accommodation of virtually any scope-tube size ever made.

Another is they allow Conetrol to offer see-thru mounting inasmuch as such bases from other manufacturers are available for use with Weaver-type rings. Makers of such bases include Aimtech and SKS. The Conetrol WVRDT-2 DapTar bases can then be attached, allowing use of Conetrol rings with windage adjustment.


DapTar bases are available in all three standard Conetrol grades at regular prices: $69.96 for the Huntur, $84.96 for the Gunnur, $99.96 for the Custum. Add cost of rings for a complete setup. (Three-ring WVRDT bases can be provided for 50% extra cost.)

The following guns (among others) have Weaver-type mounts available which attach without drilling or gunsmithing and will accept the Conetrol DapTar bases:


  • CZ-75
  • P9/Tanf.
  • Beretta/Taurus 92/99
  • Colt Anaconda
  • Colt King Cobra
  • Colt/Para Ordnance 1911
  • Colt Python
  • Colt .45 Auto
  • Dan Wesson
  • Desert Eagle
  • FIE TZ75
  • Freedom Arms
  • Glock 17 9mm
  • Ruger Blackhawk
  • Ruger Redhawk
  • Ruger Single-Six
  • Ruger MK I & II
  • Ruger P85
  • Ruger GP100
  • Taurus 66
  • SIG 226 9mm
  • Smith & Wesson K/L/N Frames
  • Smith & Wesson 2206
  • Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm
  • Smith & Wesson Mod. 41

Military Guns

  • AK47
  • AR7 Explorer (use RFDT-2 base)
  • Beretta AR70
  • Daewoo
  • Enfield P14, 1917
  • FN 49
  • FNC-223
  • Galil
  • Hakim
  • H&K 91 & 93 & 94
  • M1 Carbine
  • M1A & M14
  • M1 Garand
  • MAS .22
  • Mauser 96 & 98 (LER scopes)
  • Mauser & Japanese 38/99
  • NATO Stanag
  • Russian 91 (LER scopes)
  • SIG 550
  • SIS 56
  • SMLE MK1 #4&5, MKIII #1
  • Springfield '03
  • UZI


  • Precision Airgun
  • RWS
  • Beeman
  • Feinwerkbau 

Archery Mounts


  • Rossi Mod. 62
  • Ruger Mini-14
  • Ruger Mini-14 (LER scopes)
  • Savage 340
  • Winchester 94 Angle Eject


  • Browning BPS
  • Browning A-5 Auto
  • Mossberg 500 & 835
  • Mossberg 712 & 550
  • Remington 870 & 1100
  • USRAC (Winchester)



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