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Conetrol's "Custum" two-piece base and medium-height Custum rings are shown holding a Leupold 2-7 variable scope on the standard Model 70 Winchester. Note the minimal amount of base-overhang both at bridge and receiver ring of the action, a Conetrol trademark. Our Gunnur rings are finished with the same high gloss as the Custum rings, but the Custum come equipped with stud screws which keep the rings positively anchored on a scope tube when the scope is detached from the base.


Guaranteed for Life

Socket cone screws make up the heart of the Conetrol system. Four of them in each base provide knob-free windage adjustment and lock-down for both rings -- enable the scope to be centered over the gun receiver after adjustment, impossible for other mounts. By containing the ring-clamping mechanism within base they opened the door to creation of the perfectly streamlined split ring, free of the familiar knobs and lugs attendant to screw connections yet capable of being assembled about the tube of any scope. Result: realization of the impossible dream in gundom -- a take-down ring with the transcendent look of a sleek, beautifully rounded band of solid steel. Not the stuff of flat-strap imitators. Complemented by the one and only projectionless base design, it comprises a Conetrol achievement that was and remains unique in the world.


 Other advantages afforded by the exclusive Conetrol mounting system:

  • Lowest scope mounting allowed by barrel and bolt.
  • Maximum recoil-absorbing strength in both rings. (Other windage mounts concentrate strength in the front ring, but the back is where you need it most.)
  • Most precise adjustments available.
  • Off-center scope location if desired to help clear high bolt throw, enhance face-to-stock contact, etc.
  • Scope detachability and return to zero without extraction (and possible loss) of any screw or part.
  • Fusion-like lock-down of rings on base.
  • Ring extension, when needed, achieved through base design rather than ring design, the economical but much less stable "solution" adopted by other mount makers.
  • Rigid, four-point attachment to factory-drilled gun receivers customary with one-piece bases as well as two-piece.
  • Infinite ring interchangeability... base to base, front to back, grade to grade, split to solid. Even reversible!
  • Mar- and tamper-proof installation and adjustment.
  • Most extensive inventory of top mounts on the market for high-power rifles - exotic and obsolete as well as popular.
  • 'DapTar' bases available at no extra cost to accommodate all guns with integral mounting mechanisms (Ithacagun, Steyr, CZ, Krico, Ruger, Heckler & Koch, BSA, Tikka, BRNO, Haenel, DuBiel, grooved rimfires and air rifles, etc.) without drilling or tapping.
  • Lifetime compensation for wear. (Pivoting-ring designs get looser each time the scope is removed and replaced.)
  • Even though the great clamping force of socket cone screws negates need for ring lining, PSA pads are provided with rings for shooters wary of metal-to-metal contact with expensive scopes.

Conetrol's Lowest-Priced Line

Matte-finished streamlined steel. Will not reflect game-spooking light. Fit any Conetrol base. Recommended for "permanent" mounting, being without stud screws to keep them anchored in position on scope when detached from base. Size 1" - low, medium, or high. (Metric-size rings are available at extra cost.)




Huntur Split Rings




Conetrol's Moderate-Priced Line

Mirror-finished streamlined steel. Will fit on any Conetrol base. Similar to Conetrol's Custum rings except for stud screws, which are unnecessary if scope is to be "permanently" mounted . Can be mated with Custum rings for easier scope switching. Size l" - low, medium, or high. (Metric sizes are available at extra cost.)




Gunnur Split Rings




Conetrol's Finest!

Mirror-finished streamlined steel. Fit any Conetrol base. Stainless-steel stud screws keep both rings anchored on tube for accuracy and convenience when removing and replacing scope to zero. Can be mated with Gunnur rings for economy. One-inch, in low, medium, or high. (Metric sizes are available at extra cost.)




Custum Split Rings





Conetrol's Lowest-Priced Line

Trim milled steel. Dull-finished with belt sanders so as not to reflect game-spooking light. Edges are angular. Regular cone screws provided. Will fit factory drillings of all guns.

Huntur Bases, 1- or 2-pc. .........$69.96


Conetrol's Moderate-Priced Line

Finest quality satin-finished steel. The equivalent of other quality mounts now on the market. Angular edges. Regular blued cone screws provided. Will fit all factory drillings.

Gunnur Bases, 1- or 2-pc. ........$84.96


Conetrol's Finest!

Beautiful dark-glistening streamlined steel. All edges contoured. In a word, the most expensively finished mount bases on the market! Premium stainless-steel cone screws. Fit all factory drillings.

Custum Bases, 1- or 2-pc. ........$99.96


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