Grand Reopening April 4th!

It took all the king's horses and all the king's men, but Conetrol's almost back together again! We'll be back at the phones Monday, April 4th, during our normal office hours of 10:00am-4:00pm weekdays (except for postal holidays). We're still ramping up production, so not everything will be available immediately. But our existing stock will be available at that time.

Please email us ( with any issues George Miller, the original owner of Conetrol, was unable to resolve before his death. We'll handle everything as soon as we can.

Bear in mind that one thing Conetrol lost with George's death is his extensive knowledge of guns and scopes. To compensate, we’ve added a new Order Form page to help you get the Conetrol mount that's right for you.

In the past, we've prided ourselves on our ultra low mounts; however, we could not always fit today's larger scopes. One new item we'll be adding to our inventory is higher 1" rings in the classic Conetrol design. These vertically split rings will put a scope a quarter of an inch higher than our standard High rings, allowing us to put our best-looking rings on more of today's larger scopes. Higher 30mm rings are also in the works.

We, his family, also want to say thank you for being loyal Conetrol customers and friends. There are many new faces here, but every one of us hopes to make many new Conetrol friends in the coming years.

The Miller Family | 830-379-3030