Product Line Revisions and a Freebie

We'll be making some changes to our product lines in the near future. We'll be discontinuing Huntur bases, although we'll continue to offer existing stock until it runs out. The sanding belt finish is just too spartan for the work of art we think a Conetrol mount should be. We'll continue to offer matte-finish Huntur rings.

We'll be adding matte-finish Custum bases and rings in a new line we'll call Limited. Because the finish takes a little less time to prepare, prices will be a little less than what you'll see in our Custum line.

We'll be adding Extra High, vertically split, 1" and 30mm rings in the classic Conetrol projectionless design. The Conetrol mount was developed in the 1960s, when scopes were small and everyone wanted the lowest possible mounting. The 32-3 series of 1" rings will be a full 5/16" higher than our current High rings. The 130-3 series of 30mm rings will be 6mm higher than our current High rings.

Finally, as a small token of our appreciation to those of you who've helped us reopen Conetrol, we're offering free window decals of our deer/elk Conetrol logo to anyone who's bought a mount from us in the last few months. Please contact us if you'd like one of these all-white decals. Help us get the word out and show everyone that with your Conetrol mount you got the best that's ever been.

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